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Spiritual Growth and Psychic Development

This site will help you understand how spiritual growth, psychic development and meditation will connect you with the power of the universe.



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With most of us living a fast-paced lifestyle and trying to balance work and family life we do not have time for ourselves. This takes its toll on our mental and psychic well-being. When you start understanding your psychic and spiritual side you can become in touch with your inner consciousness, resulting in an enhanced awareness of your own existence and your overall relationship to the universe.

If you are looking to answer the age old question, “Who am I and why am I here?” We have the answers and the way to change your life for the better.

Introducing Mystical Empowerment

As you travel to new spiritual realms, you will learn about your life’s purpose, be in contact with your higher self, and be guided by your soul, not your lower self or ego.

Without question there are many exercises that can be practiced in order to enhance your spiritual development. We all have some psychic ability, to what degree depends on how open you are and your willingness to practice.  Throughout the Mystical Empowerment website I will show you exercises and give you detailed information on how you can do this.

Here you will find information and guidance on many aspects of your spiritual journey. Whatever your interest, my aim is to help you get closer to your true self.


Here’s exactly what you get.

  How to find a dimension beyond self How to find a dimension beyond self

  Understand the afterlife Understanding the afterlife

  Learn about your spirit guides Learn how to contact your spirit guides

  Understand meditation How to remove stress through meditation

  Find your inner voice Why listening to your inner voice can change your life

   Different types of exercises to enlighten your awareness Different types of exercises to enlighten your awareness

  Understand how the spirit world works Understand how the spirit world works

   Spiritual healing Using crystal healing and chakra healing

  Free Psychic Development eBooks Learn how to interpret your dreams

And lots more......


Learn how to tap into your Higher Mind to Empower your Life


If you are looking to work with your spiritual side but do not know where to start, then it is important to not let anything stand in your way. Do not let your mind stop you from learning the secrets of the spirit world. It will change your life while also enriching it.

The only thing left to do is to get off the fence and make a decision to become a free member today. Yes I did say for free. Start a new lifestyle right now.

Join me today and get ready to begin a life changing journey and start living a fulfilling and healthy life. Make it a reality now like so many people already have, start learning and changing your life and mindset right now. 

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Special Gifts for New Members

Unleash Your Psychic Ability Unleash Your Psychic Ability (210 page eBook Value $9.99)

 The History and Nature of Crystals You will discover how to become psychic and the different levels of consciousness you can obtain.

 The History and Nature of Crystals You will learn how understanding your emotions, your energy centers and your thoughts. You will realize how detaching yourself from your emotions will lead you to understand your inner-self, your insecurity, vulnerability and control stress through inner guidance.

 The History and Nature of Crystals Discover how through meditation and relaxation you will gain inner peace and harmony. Enhancing your daily life, controlling stress and dealing with problems. With this insight you will change your life for the better.

 The History and Nature of Crystals By learning how to trust your intuition and insight and how to use your third eye, your psychic vision, you will trust your judgment by making accurate decisions in the making things work process.

 The History and Nature of Crystals You will learn how to balance the energy flow around your body through balancing your Chakras. You will understand and see the colors of energy around the body as by reading other people’s auras you can establish their physical and emotional well-being.

 The History and Nature of Crystals Discover how you can relieve pain and stress by balancing the bodies energies, to help others. Healing with crystals and healing through color.

 The History and Nature of Crystals By understanding sleep and dream interpretation will allow you to see into your subconscious. This is an important aspect as much can be learned and told to you whilst you are asleep. I will teach you how you can control your dreams and how you will reach the spiritual world through the astral plan and astral travel.

 The History and Nature of Crystals Discover how by using psychic tools such as the Tarot Cards and Clairvoyant vision will empower you to predict future events.

 The History and Nature of Crystals You will learn how to contact your chosen spirit. Understanding messages from the spirit world. Plus speaking and listening to your spiritual guide and how to communicate with loved ones.

Crystal Healing Crystal Healing for Profit or Pleasure (148 page eBook Value $9.99)

 The History and Nature of Crystals The History and Nature of Crystals – An introduction to the origin of crystals will better help you understand how these crystals were found to have healing powers. It is important for one to be able to tap fully the healing capabilities of any gemstone that one holds at hand. You will also learn the unique traits of different gems and the methods of invoking their abilities.

 The Chakra and Aura System The Chakra and Aura System – As much as you need to know about crystals, you must also be fully equipped with the knowledge of the energy called Chakra in order to be able to properly use it on the very sacred energy field which is the body. Through this book you will learn how to identify different Chakra colors and how to interpret them.

 The Healing Process The Healing Process – You will be taught how to USE gemstones in order to facilitate the various healing methods that use Chakra, which is the final step in order for you to be able to reap the benefits of Crystal Healing. You will be taught how to use it on yourself as well as other people and be taught with various instances to look out for in order to maximize your healing experience.

 Crystal Healing and Different Healing Methods Crystal Healing and Different Healing Methods – It’s what this book is mainly about. You will be taught what Crystal Healing is and consequently learn all the different ways of Crystal Healing.

Quiet the Mind MeditationQuite the Mind Guided Meditations (4 Audio Files Value $12.99)

By using these guided meditations you will:

 Calm your mind Calm your mind

 Be stress free Be stress free

  Find your inner self Find your inner self

 Heal your body inside and out Heal your body inside and out

 Receive answers to your problems Receive answers to your problems

 Psychic Development And overall feel more relaxed and be able to deal with day to day life

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